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Summer Permaculture Workshops and Courses

Permaculture Water Conservation Strategies  —  July 18th

This one-day workshop will focus on Permaculture concepts for water conservation in the home and garden.  Participants will learn foundation concepts and strategies for reducing water consumption, and will have the chance to work on one or all three of a series of water conservation, filtration, and recycling systems that we’ll be building.

July 18th, 10.00 am to 4.30pm.

Pay-What-You-Feel, suggested donation $75 – $120.

Introduction to Permaculture

A two-day (12 hour) course that will present the ethics, principles, and strategies of Permaculture as a design methodology for creating self-sustaining human systems.  Topics will include Permaculture ethics and principles, the importance of design, climate and landscape factors, site analysis, closed-loop system design, input/output analysis, functional analysis, forest gardening, and Permaculture in social and economic systems.

Two separate sessions will be offered, July 25th-26th, and August 22nd-23rd.

Pay-What-You-Feel, suggested donation $135 – $285.

As always, workshops are offered on a pay-what-you-feel basis and trades/barters are always welcome.  Mutually supportive relationships create abundance for all.

The 10 X 10 Garden:  A Hundred Square Feet of Permaculture

Do you want to grow more of your own food, but don’t know where to begin?  Think you don’t have enough space?  Are you interested in learning more about Permaculture and organic gardening?

If you have a 10 X 10 foot space and want to learn how to turn it into a full year of fresh, nutritious, yummy food without chemicals or hours and hours of work, this workshop is for you.

This one-day workshop will show you how to start from scratch and build a garden that will produce food all year long in just a hundred square feet!  Vegetables, herbs, and greens are all a part of the comprehensive garden plan that you’ll learn to build and maintain.  Perfect for those with small yards or working in allotment plots, this easy-to-follow plan incorporates Permaculture principles into a garden design you can follow to the letter or change and evolve to fit your space and goals.  We’ll spend the day going over the plan and then getting down and dirty and building the garden from scratch at the host site.  You’ll leave with a copy of the full garden design including crop rotations, maintenance routine, and all the information you’ll need to get started.

There are three chances to check it out:

Kitsilano:  Saturday May 16th,  12.00 – 6.00   13th and MacDonald.
Main Street:  Sunday May 17th, 12.00 – 6.00  Ontario & 24th.
New Westminister:  Saturday May 23rd, 12.00 – 6.00  Edinburgh & 16th.

The workshop is offered on a Pay-What-You-Feel basis, with a suggested donation of $60 to $100.

For more information or to register, contact farmhousefarm(at)gmail(dot)com

Be Your Own Farmer!

A 10-week urban food production course for gardeners of all levels

As we spend the dark part of the year giving thanks for the abundance we’ve received and planning and dreaming for the coming year, The Farmhouse is offering another session of our popular Be Your Own Farmer course.

Based in principles from Permaculture  and organic agriculture, this ten week course takes you through the process of planning and designing an intensive food production system to suit your own individual urban space, working with your needs, goals, and resources.  We’ll start with system design and principles for sustainable closed-system production, and learn about soil fertility, nutrient and water cycling, crop plant families and crop rotation, and making the best use of urban resources and infrastructure.  You’ll leave with a complete design and planting plan that meets your specific needs and goals, and the knowledge to execute it, learn from it, and evolve it over the coming seasons.

The course will run on Thursday evenings starting January 15th, from 7.00 until 9.30, and is offered on a pay-what-you-feel basis; this means that you decide how much you want to pay, based on the time and effort that went into designing and offering the course, what you think it’s worth to you, and your own personal situation.  The suggested donation ranges from $150 to $300 for the ten week course, and goes to keeping the Farmhouse Farm operating.

About our farm:  The Farmhouse Farm is an urban micro-farm, serving five families with organic vegetables delivered weekly by bicycle, May till October.  More than just a business, our farm is about modelling solutions for creating sustainable food systems within sustainable local economic structures.  We believe in independent and autonomous communities of fair exchange, based in shared ecological and social values.  We recognize that we are on unceded land, and acknowledge the Musqueam nation on whose traditional territory we are located.

For more information or to register, contact farmhousefarm(at)gmail(dot)com


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