Donate! (Cash, and Stuff!)

Here’s where you can donate funds to the Farmhouse Farm.  Just click on the button below to send cash donations, or check out our wishlist.  Thanks for supporting the Farmhouse Farm!

Farmhouse Farm Wishlist:

Soaker Hoses

A Scythe

Perennials (plants or seeds)

Small lockable tool shed or locker

Water Barrels



One Response

  1. hey rin,
    it was nice chatting a bit with you last night at the group. i really think what you are doing is fantastic! it is very much setting in how inspiring and liberating your ‘act of reliance/defiance’ is.

    anyhow, i was thinking about the plant of the month. how about shiso and/or stevia?
    shiso, japanese herb used in sushi and garnishing.
    stevia, i am sure you know is a sugarfree, sweetener.
    i am going to pick up a few of each plant tomorrow anyways, so let me know what you think.

    chat soon, teresa

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