About the Farmhouse Farm

The Farmhouse Farm is a micro-farm, a Community Supported Agriculture business, a skillsharing space, and an ongoing experiment in autonomous urban living.

From this standard rental house yard in the city of Vancouver, Canada (located on Coast Salish territory) we grow vegetables for ourselves and several other households and deliver them once a week by bicycle from May till October.  We also offer workshops and courses on Permaculture and organic agriculture techniques for growing food in the city cheaply and sustainably.

The Farmhouse Farm is only one of the many projects happening at The Farmhouse — check out the main House Blog at farmhouseblog.wordpress.com


8 Responses

  1. Your courses sound wonderful and just what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, I’m way out here in Aldergrove. Is there anything like a Be Your Own Farmer course in the Fraser Valley?

  2. Hi,

    I would be very interested in taking your urban farming course but just learned about it today and it looks like you’ve started already. Will you be offering this course later in the year?

    Thank you,

  3. […] my veggie garden is planned out for the year. The permaculture course I just completed at an urban farm here in Vancouver inspired me to be way more organized about my planting this year. (More on this […]

  4. Would you consider taping these courses? I’m located in San Diego, but have a deep interest in these topics.
    Thanks fot the consideration!

  5. you can look at my plot
    for your course

  6. Please add me to your mailing list. I live in the neighbourhood, have a garden & would like to connect with what you’re doing but can’t attend any courses right now.

  7. hi, i live in st. louis, MO and am trying to quit my job to start a farm. i’m finding it difficult to figure out how to get this going. would you be willing to share some your experience with me??
    i think what you’re doing is super awesome so keep it up!!
    thanks so much!
    cara marie

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