A Hundred Square Feet of Permaculture: 10 x 10 garden workshop in New Westminster

I’m running another 10 x 10 Garden workshop this Sunday (June 21), in New Westminster near 16th and Edinburgh. Email for details and registration. Info below:

The 10 X 10 Garden: A Hundred Square Feet of Permaculture

Do you want to grow more of your own food, but don’t know where to begin? Think you don’t have enough space? Are you interested in learning more about Permaculture and organic gardening?

If you have a 10 X 10 foot space and want to learn how to turn it into a full year of fresh, nutritious, yummy food without chemicals or hours and hours of work, this workshop is for you.

This one-day workshop with Rin from the Farmhouse Farm — an urban farm right here in Vancouver — will show you how to start from scratch and build a garden that will produce food all year long in just a hundred square feet! Vegetables, herbs, and greens are all a part of the comprehensive garden plan that you’ll learn to build and maintain. Perfect for those with small yards or working in allotment plots, this easy-to-follow plan incorporates Permaculture principles into a garden design you can follow to the letter or change and evolve to fit your space and goals. We’ll spend the day going over the plan and then getting down and dirty and building the garden from scratch at the host site. You’ll leave with a copy of the full garden design including crop rotations, maintenance routine, and all the information you’ll need to get started.

Email farmhousefarm (at) gmail (dot) com to register and get the details.


One Response

  1. Thank you Rin, for a great workshop!
    It was inspiring, informative and most importantly, practical. I had read a lot about growing vegetables before, but what you said about information vs knowledge was very true with me – I had information, but I was still paralyzed to get started growing food. The hands-on experience and your plans and techniques are just what I needed.

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