Kate’s Beautiful Alley Garden

My friend Kate had me over the other day (lucky me) and we poked around in her yard looking for extra gardening space.  We spotted some unused space hiding in the back alley, and Kate wasted no time getting down to making it beautiful!

Here’s her take on it:

It was a very empowering exersize to capitalize on unused and available space for a garden. So often we think – we don’t have time! We don’t have space! We do have the space. It was empowering to design it myself, but also to collect the materials I needed to make this happen. I had to try a little hard to find the woodchips, but I was pleasantly surprised to find how available free things are. The woodchips people were only too obliging to help me out, from nursery folks to arbourists (as you said!). A whole load of compost picked up from the dump was $5…:)

It was also great to spend the time in my own neighbourhood, as part of it. I talked to more people on the 2 days I spent garden-building than I have since I moved in about 2.5 years ago. People are interested and happy to see that I was beautifying the alley.

I can’t wait to see what starts to grow and the growing pains I may have with soil erosion, drainage etc – but how worthwhile!

And the visual aids:

Great job, Kate!


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