The Hundred Foot Garden

Well, wonder of wonders!  It looks like spring has finally (maybe) come to Vancouver.  Although we’re a few weeks behind due to weather, it’s definitely time to start thinking about gardening, and about learning to garden!

To that end, this is a callout for a currently under/unused but gardenable space to be the site of a one-day workshop on a Saturday in May.  The space should be large enough to hold a ten-by-ten foot raised garden bed, and should have adequate sun (five to eight hours per day of direct sun) and access to water.  The space holder will receive free attendance at the workshop for themselves and a guest, and will end up with a complete, self-sustaining food production garden which will produce food all year and require less than five hours a week of simple maintenance.  Included will also be follow-up maintenance coaching for the garden’s host, and the handbook that goes with the workshop outlining the installation and maintenance of the garden throughout its three-year rotation and into perpetuity.  Experience is most definitely not required!

Preference will be given to families and low-income people, or community gardens that serve those communities.  If you have or know someone who has a suitable space, please contact me by April 15th.  Leave a message in the comments on this site, or email farmhousefarm (at) gmail (dot) com.


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