Word Gardening

It’s snowing.  For real.  I mean, it never snows in Vancouver.  I can barely see where my beds are out there, let alone get any work done.  So I thought, “Hey!  What a perfect time to start a blog!”

People are always asking me if I have a website, and not being especially technologically inclined I always reply that well no, I haven’t gotten to it yet.  So here it is, at least for now.  Growing this farming project has been a lot like the start of the growing season, when everything progresses so slowly that sometimes you chew your nails and worry that it’s never going to come up, that you’re not going to have enough, that it isn’t going to work out the way you’d planned.  But a little patience and a little faith always repays itself, and slowly things come along at the their own pace.  So while the snow is falling (and falling, and falling, and falling…  but hey, climate change is just a theory) and the greenhouse construction is necessarily on hold, here is a little blog to keep me busy.

In the coming months this will be a place to check out observations, tips and tidbits, workshop announcements, and occasionally challenges, frustrations and rants.  So, enjoy!  And happy gardening.


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